Crowns and Bridges

Placing and securing a dental crown is one of the most effective ways to restore damaged teeth for both aesthetic and structural purposes. After careful thought and a thorough examination, our skilled dentists at Pro Grace Dentistry would customize dental crowns that can address your teeth’s condition with pinpoint accuracy. Our dental crowns are engineered from the premium porcelain material which is afterwards sealed into the damaged teeth using high-grade oral cement. These durable dental crowns can do wonders in restoring your teeth’s form and function while greatly enhancing its overall appearance.

Another form of restorative dentistry best offered by Pro Grace Dentistry is the dental bridge. Dental bridges are used to fix the gap between two or more missing teeth, usually found consecutively along the gum line. Bridges often supported and secured by dental crowns on either side. Pro Grace Dentistry provides durable dental bridges that most naturally resemble the color of the teeth.

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