Oral Cancer Screening

Cases of oral cancer have been on the rise, with it being identified as the sixth most common type of cancer in the entire North American region. Furthermore, statistics have revealed that oral cancer has been more rampant than other forms of cancer such as ovarian and cervical types. While all these may sound alarming, it is quite a relief that oral cancer can be easily prevented from progressing through early detection. This is why we at Pro Grace Dentistry cannot emphasize it enough—oral cancer screening is a must!

The Oral Cancer Screening Procedure

The oral cancer screening is a quick and simple procedure, and entails no pain or discomfort of any kind. Our dental professionals regularly conduct oral cancer screenings, usually during a regular check-up appointment, all finished within five minutes’ time. In this procedure, the dental hygienist would be examining the patient’s mouth for any signs of abnormalities, such as lump, or discolored areas

During an oral cancer screening, our dental professional would be taking a thorough look at the surface of the gums and cheeks, inspecting even the roof and floor of the mouth, extending to the very front and back. The lymph nodes located along the neck and jaw point, including the area surrounding the ears, would also be inspected. Of course, the tongue would be subjected for inspection as well, and the dentist would be checking it from various angles, all the way to the throat area. To be able to come up with an even more accurate inspection, we would be asking for details such as smoking and drinking habits, and your health and lifestyle in general. In some special cases, we make use of a scope with special light to identify cancerous lesions in the inaccessible areas of the mouth.

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