Sleep Apnea and Snore Guards

Sleep apnea is a severe condition whose symptoms can be identified by dental professionals early on. Once detected, sleep apnea can be treated with the aid of some oral and dental devices.

Depending on your needs as a patient, our team here at Pro Grace Dentistry would suggest which dental devices would be best suited for your condition, which can range from mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea.

One of the main symptoms of sleep apnea is excessive snoring, which can be addressed with the help of a snore guard. Snore guards are essential in coping up with snoring, as it can help prevent breathing problems by keeping the airways open. Other snore guards can retrain the tongue by holding it in its right position and also cause the airways to be kept open.

These snore guards and other dental appliances used to correct sleep apnea are beneficial because it can reduce the frequency and volume of snoring, which in turn can improve sleep patterns.

Whichever stage of sleep apnea you are in, our dental team here at Pro Grace Dentistry can assist in your treatment and improvement. We provide solutions that can mitigate the harmful effects of sleep apnea and its resulting excessive snoring.

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