Teeth Whitening

More often than not, a striking smile makes a good first impression. A captivating display of beaming, white teeth helps in exuding confidence and positivity, whether it be on a job interview or a blind date. This is why teeth whitening has been gaining popularity in the recent years—more and more people would want to flash a whiter, more sparkling smile.

However, not everyone has been gifted with naturally white set of teeth. Further still, some people get their pearly whites stained yellow with nicotine, or discolored due to drinking alcohol, coffee and tea.

Thanks to the modern times though, teeth whitening treatments have now been made more accessible than ever! It’s no longer just the celebrities who can have dazzling white smiles—Pro Grace Dentistry now offers teeth whitening procedures that are not only effective and safe, but also reasonably-priced!


The teeth whitening procedure is a cosmetic dentistry process wherein the teeth’s natural color is lightened, without having to remove the tooth’s surface.

The common method used in teeth whitening is professional bleaching, in which the active ingredient, normally hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, is used to make the teeth’s natural color some shades lighter.

Another method employed in teeth whitening is through LED light. In this laser teeth whitening procedure, the LED cooling and whitening gel work together in attaining a painless, no-recovery-needed teeth whitening process. You’ll immediately see a change in teeth color right after the session!


Aside from the obvious aesthetic outcome of having a whiter, brighter smile, teeth whitening can also bring about some benefits more than just what meets the eye.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has found out that an irresistible smile can make a person more attractive to the opposite sex, and that an unpleasant smile can be a detriment when it comes to career success. Based from these, a radiant smile can seemingly boost one’s confidence level and chances in exploring both social and career growth.


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