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3 tips for dealing with sensitive teeth after a professional teeth whitening treatment

Whitening your teeth creates a beautiful smile but can cause sensitive teeth for a few days after this treatment.

Why do your teeth become sensitive after a professional teeth whitening?

The bleaching agent used in the whitening process can penetrate your enamel, irritating the nerves. While professional teeth whitening removes stains, the whitening product also removes the protective protein on the surface of your teeth causing you to be more sensitive to various stimuli.

Below is a list of tips for you to follow to alleviate tooth sensitivity after this type of dental treatment.

  1. Change up your diet

    If you typically eat crunchy foods or things that require lots of chewing, you will want to steer clear of these items until your teeth feel normal again. The pressure exerted by chewing especially harder foods requires strength from your oral cavity that can cause your mouth to feel uncomfortable right after whitening. Try gravitating towards smoothies and soft foods for a little bit.

    Extreme temperatures can also bring about the sensitivity of your teeth, so it is best to stick with tepid food and drink. Instead of having tea and ice cream after dinner, try having bubbly water and soft fruit.

  2. Sensitivity toothpaste

    Using sensitivity toothpaste will help ease the uncomfortable feeling of your sensitive enamel. Toothpaste formulated for sensitivity works by coating the exposed parts of your teeth or desensitizing your tooth’s nerve endings.

    There are additional benefits to using sensitivity toothpaste regardless of whether or not you have had your teeth professionally whitened. This type of specialty toothpaste can help with:

    • Strengthening your tooth’s enamel
    • Preventing tooth decay

    These benefits are a result of the additional fluoride that is in this type of oral health cleanser.

    You can purchase sensitivity toothpaste at your local drug store, or your dentist might be able to provide you with some samples.

  3. Be gentle on your teeth

    When brushing and flossing, be very gentle on your teeth for the first few days after your professional teeth whitening treatment. Soft toothbrush bristles and warm water will help ease you into your regular brushing routine again without feeling uncomfortable.

  4. What do you do if teeth sensitivity persists after a few days?

    Speak to your dentist and he/she will determine the appropriate course of action to help with this ongoing issue.

    Ask your dentist about the variety of teeth cleaning services recommended for your situation. Teeth cleaning services help you feel more confident while aiding in the elimination of unsightly stains and negative oral health.

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