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Dental Implants: Is There A Right Age?

Dental implants have become a popular choice for teeth restoration – and for good reason! The implant is made from titanium and secures the replacement tooth in place, providing a strong and permanent solution that look and function like natural teeth.

A common question about dental implants is whether there is a ‘right’ age for them. While you can never be too old for dental implants, you can be too young for them – and other factors come into play when determining if a patient is a good candidate.

Why dental implants aren’t recommended for young children and teens

To be a good candidate for dental implants, patients must have a fully developed jaw. Children, teenagers, and even some young adults don’t have a fully developed jaw yet. Further, children who have lost their baby teeth due to an injury or an accident can typically wait until it is replaced with permanent adult teeth.

For young people with missing permanent teeth, dentists can recommend the right tooth-replacement option. They will also perform an X-ray to determine if the jaw is sufficiently developed and if the teen or young adult may be a candidate for dental implants.

The right age for dental implants

For older patients with a fully developed jaw, simply put – there is really no ‘right’ age for dental implants. What’s most important to look at is the health of the gums and any existing natural teeth, the overall health of the patient, and whether there is enough bone for dental implants.

Because a dental implant replaces the root and fuses with the bone, a patient must have enough healthy bone to support it. However, for patients who don’t have enough bone density, bone grafting can be an effective solution to promote new bone growth.

People who are on certain medications or have an underlying health condition may not be suitable candidates.  Additionally, to be a good candidate for dental implants, a patient must have healthy gum tissue.

How to find out whether you’re a candidate for dental implants

All dental implant surgeries begin with a consultation. The most important factor here is to ensure that dental implant surgery can be done safely and the patient is in good overall health. Technological advancements in the dental industry have made it possible for most people to have beautiful, functional, and natural-looking teeth replacements.

Your dentist can discuss with you more about your options, including crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures, and other solutions tailored for you.

Should you be in need of a Dental Implant consultation, please contact Pro Grace Dental in NW, Calgary.

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