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Sedation Dentistry: Creating a Stress-Free Visit to The Dentist

Do you have a very low threshold for pain? Is this causing you to keep postponing that long overdue dental appointment? Then it’s time for you to change that! Put all your dental apprehensions away and say hello to Dental Sedation.

While sometimes being referred to as sleep dental, sedation in dentistry is an important service offered by specifically trained and experienced dental practitioners to create a stress free visit to the dentist. The procedure involves the use of sedatives during the dental treatment.

There are for levels of sedation – minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia. In minimal sedation, the patient is awake and aware of what’s going on. In moderate sedation, the patient is still awake although may have a hard time recalling the events in the procedure. Then, in deep sedation, patients take a larger dose of sedation, leaving them unconscious during the process. The same way is true for general anesthesia where the patient is also left unconscious.

Talking to a dentist will help the patient choose from the available options for sedation. For added information, here are the four (4) reasons why people opt for dental sedation.

  1. Dental Sedation relieves anxiety – Dental sedation helps a person fight phobia and anxiety towards dentists and dental procedures. Sedation helps them to feel more relaxed, calm and comfortable during every treatment.
  2. No memory of the treatment – After treatment, the patient remembers very little or nothing of the dental procedure. Patients feel as though the procedures lasted minutes, even if the treatment actually took several hours.
  3. There is movement control – Under sedation, the patient is more relaxed and calm, therefore reducing the risks of unnecessary movements out of nervousness. If a patient has less unnecessary moves, then the dentist can better perform the procedure or treatment.
  4. It saves time leading to faster procedures – A dentist can finish a procedure in the fastest way possible if the patient is calm and comfortable. And the soonest time a dentist gets done with the job, the better for the patient.

You see? Going to the dentist is no longer traumatic and stressful as you think it is. Dental sedation has got you covered. Now get that gorgeous smile you deserve!

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