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Do I need a root canal?

Signs and symptoms that it may be time to visit your dentist.

If you have sensitivity, pain, swelling, a chipped tooth or tooth mobility there is a chance that you may need a root canal. Luckily, a root canal is not nearly as scary or painful as one is often told or imagines. Root canal therapy is a treatment used to treat an infected tooth by cleaning out decay from the tooth pulp, the root and the surrounding nerves. A root canal is a longer filling appointment. Ultimately, your tooth is made up of a few different layers including the enamel, the dentin and then the core/ pulp. The pulp is where the tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are all located and if this part of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected then a root canal helps to clean the infection. Typically during a root canal, your dentist will extract and clean the area in an around the tooth, treat you with antibiotics, and then fill and seal the roots to prevent future decay.

Signs that you may need a root canal:

1. Sensitivity to hot or cold

Since tooth sensitivity is directly related to the nerves found in the mouth, there is a chance that if you are experiencing persistent pain you may need a root canal. Patients who are experiencing either a dull ache or sharp pain when eating or drinking hot or cold products will need dental services to resolve this pain. Sometimes this can be resolved with a sensitive toothpaste; however, sometimes this is a sign of infection which can be treated with root canal therapy. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity it is best to talk to your dentist.

2. Swollen painful gums

Pain and swelling in your gums can be an indicator of a variety of different things happening within your mouth. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing consistent swelling or inflammation filled with puss there is a good chance that your tooth is infected and that this infection needs to be treated with either antibiotics or a root canal.

3. Toothache or consistent pain in a tooth

If one or a few of your teeth are persistently bothering you, it is time to seek out dental services. Your dentist will be able to examine your teeth and mouth to help diagnose why you are experiencing so much pain and if needed, perform services, such as a root canal to treat the ailment. Treating your teeth sooner rather than later is always the best practice when it comes to your oral health.

We can help alleviate your pain! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please contact our office today to book a dental exam or an emergency service.

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