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How Your Oral Health Can Impact Your Overall Health

Why you need to take care of your oral cavity to stay healthy

Your dentist can identify minor problems with your teeth and gums such as cavities and bad breath. But have you ever thought about the role your oral health plays in your overall well being? A dental clinic in Calgary NW can provide you with ways to keep your mouth healthy as well as your entire body.

When you experience an issue with your oral cavity, it can cause problems in other parts of your body. It is important to take care of your teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of bacteria in your mouth, which studies have shown is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory problems.

What increases the risk of oral health disease?

Common causes of oral health diseases are things like maintaining a diet that is low in nutrition and high in fats and simple sugars. Using tobacco in various forms such as smoking, chewing, or ingesting can also cause your oral cavity to deteriorate. An increased consumption of alcohol is likely to increase your likelihood of developing cavities and other related diseases of the mouth.

Oral health and pregnancy

Your unborn child is susceptible to your oral health effects. According to the Mayo Clinic, gum disease is linked to low birth weight and could lead to other complications during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, it is especially important to visit your dentist to maintain a clean and healthy mouth for both you and your baby.

How to prevent oral health problems

Regular visits to NW Calgary general dentists can help you to stay healthy and prevent gum disease. Your dentist is the first one to notice if there is a build-up of bacteria on your teeth and gums. They are also usually the first one to detect the onset of oral cancers. By examining your mouth regularly, your dentist will notice even the slightest changes to your gum tissue. The keen eye and years of training your dentist has could be a life saver.

Good habits for a healthy mouth

Keep your mouth and your body healthy by following a simple routine of regular brushing and flossing of your teeth. An alcohol-free mouthwash can also aid in the elimination of bacteria. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 3 months to avoid unwanted pathogens growing on the bristles.

For more tips and tricks to a healthy mouth, visit your dental clinic in Calgary NW at least twice a year.

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