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3 Crucial Tips for Your Oral Hygiene for National Dentist’s Day

Everyone knows the importance of oral hygiene, yet this is still an area where many of us tend to fall short. Case and point: only 28% of Canadians floss their teeth 5 times a week. And while we are doing better in the brushing department – 73% of us brush at least twice a day – that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement.

And in lieu of National Dentist’s Day fast approaching (March. 6th), we here at Pro Grace Dentistry want to encourage that improvement to take place. As such, here are 3 habits to start practicing – if you’re not doing them already – this National Dentist’s Day.

1. Floss Every Day

As already mentioned, only 28% of Canadians floss 5 times a day. And while that’s certainly better than not flossing at all, it’s definitely not as good as it should be. Experts agree you should floss every day. Why? Because flossing allows you to reach certain areas in between your teeth that you’d be hard-pressed to get to using a toothbrush.

Moreover, the benefits of flossing are numerous. View the list below to see the advantages of a daily flossing regime.

  • Rids your mouth of plaque
  • May strengthen the health of your heart
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Can reduce gingivitis
  • Assists with offsetting gum disease

These are just a few of the benefits of flossing every day. Just imagine the oral health that could be yours if you took this practice and ran with it. This National Dentist’s Day, if you’re going to make any dental health adjustments; make this one!

2. Quit the Habits That Are Harming Your Oral Health

A big part of making these improvements to your dental health is simply stopping the bad behaviours that are halting your progress. Habits such as overconsumption of sugary or processed foods, smoking cigarettes, drinking sodas, etc. These habits are terrible for your dental health in every regard.

If you do nothing else but STOP these behaviours, you’d be amazed at how things would improve. This National Dentist’s Day, try to make a conscious effort to quit the bad habits that are hindering your oral health.

Try swapping them out with positive dental habits, or have a friend/accountability partner hold you accountable for quitting these behaviours – do whatever you can to curb those poor dental habits.

3. Schedule Regular Dental Checkups

Taking responsibility for your oral health is important, and by incorporating healthy dental habits into your life, you’re embracing that responsibility. However, to ensure your oral health is at its optimum, it’s prudent to get advice from experts. For this reason, taking the time to visit your dentist at least twice a year (once every 6 months) is strongly advised.

When you go in to see a professional, you’ll receive a thorough cleaning, resulting in a fresh and unblemished mouth due to the dental cleaning equipment and products that you don’t have at home.

Moreover, you’ll also get expert feedback and advice about what you should do to better take care of your oral hygiene. You can’t get that kind of customized and tailored feedback from a YouTube video or blog post.

So be sure to schedule regular visits with your dentist if you’re not already. This would be an ideal step to take to improve your oral health this National Dentist’s Day.

Final Thoughts

Your dental health is a catalyst for your overall health. When you can get on top of this area of your life, you’ll look and feel better about yourself – and as a result – you’ll do better in your day-to-day life. Don’t you think you’re worth the little extra effort it takes to do better? Of course you are!

That’s why you should book an appointment with us today so we can help you experience the dental health you deserve!

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