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Tongue Piercing Aftercare – How to Take Care of Your Oral Health

Tongue Piercing carries out a lot of responsibilities, alongside are serious risks you should not ignore. This is the reason why it must only be performed under the work of a professional. You must find a piercer with a good reputation and solid credentials. Read the customer’s reviews online to find out more information.

Although tongue piercing can be risky, good aftercare will lessen the threats of complication and other problems that may occur. The truth is, there are millions of bacteria around the mouth. If trapped on or under the jewelry, this may lead to swelling and infection. Thus, caring for the new tongue piercing is very essential in the desire to maintain a healthy mouth.

Here are sample after-care reminders you can follow in cleaning your tongue pierce in order to stay immune from potential health complications.

  • Rinse your mouth using Listerine.
    • Rinse your mouth with Listerine for several times daily. This basic aftercare reminder can help you get rid of potential infections.
  • Drink lots of ice cold water or eat ice cream.
    • Drink lots of ice cold water and let small ice chips melt in your mouth to help keep the swelling down. Eating your favorite ice cream will also help you.
  • Enjoy soft food for the meantime.
    • Eat the kind of food that requires less chewing. During this time, solid foods must be avoided. Also avoid spicy, hot, salty or acidic foods for a while. These can cause stinging and burning sensations on and near the piercing. And don’t forget to rinse your mouth properly every after meal.
  • Get rid of alcoholic drinks
    • Individuals are advised to avoid alcohol during the healing period because it will slow down the healing process. Likewise, intake of coffee can also slow down the healing process.
  • Don’t smoke
    • Strictly no smoking after your tongue piercing session. However, if you cannot help it, make sure you gargle properly before and after smoking. If you can, as much as possible, avoid cigarette or any other nicotine product.
  • Do not touch your tongue piercing frequently
    • Tongue swelling is a natural thing that you will have to endure after undergoing tongue piercing. While you might feel tempted to touch your tongue, you should avoid doing so. The risk of getting infected is high, especially when your hands are not clean.
  • See a doctor
    • If the swelling continues and gets worse, visit your doctor right away for proper medical attention.

So there you have it – simple tongue piercing aftercare reminders which will help you achieve a healthy mouth while wearing tongue jewelry. After all, your oral health is your overall health.

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