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When to Schedule Bad Breath Dental Services in Calgary

Everyone has dealt with bad breath at least once in their life – whether it’s from eating too many onions or forgetting to brush in the morning while rushing out the door. Bad breath can affect everyone; however, certain underlying dental and health conditions can turn bad breath into a consistent and serious problem.

Bad breath can impact your confidence in social settings, affecting your overall quality of life. If bad breath has become an issue beyond what’s considered normal, it might be time to call your NW Calgary dentist for bad breath dental care.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath, referred to as halitosis in medical terms, can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • Certain foods (garlic, onions, spices, seafood, horseradish)
  • Tobacco products
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Gum disease

When we eat certain foods that cause bad breath, the smell eventually goes away, typically with a drink of water, a mint, and with brushing and flossing. However, when we don’t brush or floss regularly, the food particles remain in our mouth and a sticky film of bacteria (plaque) forms.

Brushing and flossing remove some of this plaque, while routine cleaning eliminates the plaque that a regular toothbrush can’t get to. Poor dental habits lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which can result in bad breath that doesn’t go away.

Health problems that affect bad breath

Bad breath can be caused by an underlying health issue such as:

  • Chronic acid reflux – Acid reflux pushes acid up into the esophagus; the acid itself can cause breath and erode tooth enamel which can cause decay.
  • Liver or kidney problems – The liver and kidneys work to remove toxins from the body, and when they’re not functioning properly, the toxins build up in our system and cause bad breath.
  • Dry mouth – Saliva washes away bacteria that build up in the mouth and helps neutralize acids from the food and drinks we consume. Those who have dry mouth from medication, problems with salivary glands, or mouth breathing often report bad breath as an issue.

What to expect with bad breath dental care

The good news is that if you’re dealing with persistent bad breath, there are treatments available that can help. Depending on the issue, your dentist may recommend:

  • A thorough professional cleaning to remove built-up plaque.
  • Mouth rinses and toothpaste with antibacterial agents that eliminate the bacteria that cause plaque buildup.
  • Treatment of gum disease.
  • A physician that specializes in certain health conditions if an underlying disease causes bad breath.

When you schedule bad breath care with us at Pro Grace Dental, we will assess the health of your teeth and gums and ask questions about your health history to determine the root cause of the problem.

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