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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding in NW Calgary

Pro Grace Dentistry offers a vast spectrum of cosmetic dental services, ranging from simple procedures to the more complicated ones. For simple repairs on the teeth, we recommend composite bonding, otherwise known as adhesive/aesthetic bonding. Albeit a simple procedure and also teeth using composite fillings

The Composite Bonding Procedure

Composite bonding is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that makes use of composite fillings to repair the teeth. A composite filling, which is typically made from resin and quartz, is a material used to fix the teeth’s cavities.

The composite filling most naturally resembles the color of the teeth, and can adhere firmly to the teeth’s dentin and enamel, thus protecting and strengthening it.

As opposed to other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers and crowns, composite bonding is rather a temporary fix to common teeth problems, but it can add the same strength and protection to the teeth though at a shorter span of time. In general, composite bonding does offer a cost-efficient and quick solution in teeth repair that might serve your current need.

What Can Composite Bonding Do?

Composite filling can address the following flaws and damages to the teeth:


For composite bonding procedures and all other dental services, visit Pro Grace Dentistry in NorthWest Calgary! You may also book an appointment by calling 587-418-8462 We will be all smiles as we try to assist you with your concerns.

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