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Gum contouring in NW Calgary

Showing off a radiant smile is more than just having a complete set of pearly whites—what most people forget is that having well-shaped gums is also an important factor in improving one’s smile. If you have a “gummy” smile, Pro Grace Dentistry is here to fix that gummy curve!

Pro Grace Dentistry offers an advanced laser gum contouring procedure which ensures a fast, painless removal of excess gum tissue. Whether you think that your gums are either too visible or have receded and hence become smaller, Pro Grace Dentistry’s gum contouring can help create a more balanced gum line—bringing out an even more dazzling and confident smile that can pass for a toothpaste ad!


A smile is like an accessory that we wear every day, and it can either make or break how we look like. Give your smile a makeover with a gum contouring procedure, and see for yourself how reshaped gums can actually reshape your smile!

Here are the benefits of getting a gum contouring procedure:

At Pro Grace Dentistry, we commit ourselves to providing quality dental procedures that would literally put a smile on your face, one of which is the gum contouring process. We take pride in using state-of the-art diode laser equipment in our gum contouring procedure. This ensures that the gum tissues are vaporized with precision, and that the entire gum contouring process is completed fast. This makes recovery and healing time a whole lot quicker, too.

Doesn’t just reading these benefits make you smile already? If so, make an appointment now at Pro Grace Dentistry and reshape that smile of yours through our gum contouring procedure!


For gum contouring procedures and all other dental services, visit Pro Grace Dentistry in NorthWest and NorthEast Calgary! You may also book an appointment by calling 587-418-8462

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