Laser Dentistry

At Pro Grace Dentistry, we offer several laser technologies that can treat your gums in a more convenient, comfortable manner. These procedures include WaterLase dental laser, Diagnodent cavity detection and Laser Smile diode laser.

WaterLase Dental Laser

This laser method will remove your cavities in a quick, pain-free procedure. The WaterLase dental laser is a modern approach to getting rid of the damaged portion of the tooth with pinpoint accuracy.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection

This pain-free, needle-free approach enables our dental professionals at Pro Grace Dentistry to detect cavities which are too small to even be spotted by the naked eye. It is important to detect and remove cavities during its early stages, while they are still small in size, so that they can be filled in immediately.

LaserSmile Diode Laser

We also have laser technology for the gums, which of course are just as equally important as the teeth when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health. As a soft-tissue laser, the LaserSmile diode laser quickly repairs the gums without the need for a scalpel and sutures, giving you a painless procedure all in all.

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